Technology and innovation have always been the reason behind any choice I’ve made throughout my life so far, including the recent decision of moving to London.

During the last few years spent as a backend developer - mainly focussed on Java - and in the professional services working on transformation and integration projects, I’ve realised that writing code is never enough for me: I enjoy designing a solution upfront on a whiteboard, setting up the environment, designing the software structure and components, writing tests and code - of course! - and automating the integration and deployment process.

Lately I’ve been using Go and Docker for my own side projects, and this website/blog is partially a case study for me, and of course a chance to start writing few articles on technologies or languages I like, and sharing my thoughts with the internet.

This website has been built with Hugo, a static website generator, which is an interesting concept. Hugo is built in Go, and I decided to deploy this website within a Docker container running Nginx. To manage containers deployment and scaling I’m using Rancher mainly leveraging on AWS for the infrastructure, and I’m finding this setup quite handy. I realised that for such a small thing NGINX would be enough.