About me

Technology and innovation have always been the reason behind any choice I’ve made throughout my life so far, including the recent - well, 2015! - decision of moving to London.

Following the last few years spent as a backend developer - mainly focusing on Java - and in the professional services working on transformation and integration projects, I’ve decided to get myself into functional programming starting with Scala. I’ve been working with Scala (and Play! Framework) on a daily basis for a year now, and using Go for my side projects, as I find this language fascinating and “essential”: I use coding in Go as a meditation technique 🙏.

I’ve been using Docker for the last couple of years and I firmly believe in the philosophy that states “You build it, you own it!”: a good software engineer should take care of the product he/she builds, from inception, to support, through development. I’m and enthusiastic TDD practitioner, though I’m not dogmatic and I really enjoy discussing about different testing approaches.

This website has been built with Hugo, and is being served through Amazon S3/Cloudfront (following this very well made - but for a couple of details - how-to).

Apart from coding, I enjoy reading very much (often Psychology or Sci-Fi books), as well as cooking and walking through some of the many beautiful London parks.