About me

Technology and innovation have always been the reason behind any choice I’ve made throughout my life so far, including the recent - well, 2015! - decision of moving to London.

After doing Java for a few years, and Scala for a couple of years mostly to expand my knowledge of the functional programming paradigm, I finally managed to work on a daily basis with what currently is my favourite programming language, Go.

In August 2017 I joined the London Gophers organisers and we run the meetup on a monthly basis: it’s been a great experience so far, and it’s very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes, and how much work is involved in organising just a single event!

I’ve been using Docker for a few years, I’m familiar with AWS, and I spin up Lambdas whenever I feel the urge to teach something new to Alexa.

This website has been built with Hugo, and is being served through Amazon S3/Cloudfront (following this very well made - but for a couple of details - how-to).

Apart from coding, I enjoy reading very much (often Psychology or Sci-Fi books), as well as cooking and walking through some of the many beautiful London parks.