Eager conferences and meet-ups goer, I believe that every developer should nurture his/her passion as much as he/she can. Meet-ups and conferences are a great way of doing it, and books, tutorials, articles… these days we have so many resources available that a lifetime wouldn’t be enough in order to explore all of them!

So, here’s me to the rescue, I’ll share resources I find useful, those being events, books or anything in between.


I enjoy conferences a lot, it’s a great opportunity to open your mind and look at things from a completely different perspective. I especially enjoy the feeling of coming back home full of ideas and inspiration for my - current or - next projects!

Here’s my calendar up to date!

When What Where
2019, August, 22nd-23rd GopherCon UK 🇬🇧 London
2019, March, 25th DotGo 🇫🇷 Paris
2018, October, 22nd-23rd GoLab 🇮🇹 Florence
2018, August, 1st-3rd GopherCon UK 🇬🇧 London
2018, May/June, 31st-3rd GopherCon Europe 🇮🇸 Reykjavik
2018, May, 10th-11th Devoxx UK 🇬🇧 London
2018, February, 3rd-4th Fosdem 🇧🇪 Brussels
2017, November, 6th DotGo 🇫🇷 Paris
2017, October, 5th-6th Software Craftsmanship Conference 🇬🇧 London
2017, August, 16th-18th Golang UK 🇬🇧 London
2016, November, 25th-26th Codemotion 🇮🇹 Milan
2016, November, 7th-10th Websummit 2016 🇵🇹 Lisbon
2016, August, 17th-19th Golang UK 🇬🇧 London
2016, June, 2nd-4th SoCraTes UK 🇬🇧 London
2016, June, 8th-10th Devoxx UK 🇬🇧 London
2016, January, 30th-31st Fosdem 🇧🇪 Brussels
2015, November, 28th LJC Open Conference 🇬🇧 London
2015, November, 2nd-3rd Codemotion 🇩🇪 Berlin
2015, March, 27th-28th Codemotion 🇮🇹 Rome
2014, November, 26th-27th Codemotion 🇮🇹 Milan

Meet-up & Community

One of the advantages of being here in London is that there’s at least one meet-up I’d like to attend every other day!

In August 2017 I joined the Go London User Group organisers and we run the meetup on a monthly basis: it’s been a great experience so far, and it’s very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes, and how much work is involved in organising just a single event!

Other meetup I often attend are:

Blog posts/articles

Too many, I know. I’m not a regular reader of any specific blog, I just happen to see someone sharing a link and often finding it insightful… in which case I might want to share it here.


I often start reading multiple books simultaneously - I’m not proud of it, but sometimes I get over excited! - but I thought this would be worth sharing as well