The art of coding

I was reading “Agile has failed: a peek at the future of programming.”, and one sentence stood out to me from the rest, and led me to write this brief post with my thoughts on this matter. I’m sure you’re wondering what the sentence was, so before we go further, here you go: Coding is a form of art and a passion that allows developers to create anything. I assume we all agree on the passion bit (and if you don’t, read this book), but what about the art? [Read More]

Hacker News London meetup, October 2016

In the London meetup scene, I couldn’t have missed the HNLondon meetup event yesterday evening. Hacker News London aims to attract “hackers”, geeks and similar human beings - usually about 450 people! The talks remind me somewhat of TEDx events, but primarily focussed on technology. My friend Laura recommended this meetup to me. She’s been there once or twice already, and this edition took place 10 months after the previous one: high expectations in the air! [Read More] getLocalHost() slow after MacOS Sierra upgrade?

So, I don’t write often mainly because I don’t have much to say, but I hope that this, if not interesting, at least will be useful and save you a lot of time in troubleshooting. Scenario After upgrading to MacOS Sierra, without changing a line of code, my Java application startup time (Tomcat/Spring) went to the roof, like from 15 seconds to what, 5 minutes? Something like that. I made few hypothesis, like MacOS Sierra introduced a new filesystem and it f*cked up my logging library or csrutil is locking something for unknown security reasons or let’s read all the issues that people had with Sierra so far… [Read More]
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SoCraTes UK 2016: the passion awakens

They may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. It often starts like a subtle sickness, one day you wake up less motivated than usual, you know your code could be better but there’s a lot to be done, and you start with a // TODO: refactor this later! Time passes by, and you get used to a daily routine made of commit, push, release, fix, clean, build, install. [Read More]